the Sexy Comedy Web Series


Terms and conditions subject to change. Feelings of homicidal rage or whimpering impotence are normal and should not be acted upon. If these feelings last longer than four hours, you’re shit out of luck. Comments such as “that reminds me of you” should be avoided when one is with one’s spouse. Not responsible for viewers’ decisions to adopt celibacy,withdraw from society, enter a convent or monastery or otherwise refrain from interaction with the opposite sex. Results may vary.

NOT! is the sexy comedy web series

about dating disasters and other sexual misadventures.

There are bad dates, disastrous dates,

revolting dates, dates from hell.

and then there are the

NOT! dates,

the worst of the worst.

The men you should not

have had coffee with,

never mind sex.

The women you should never

have let into your life. In each episode

meet the people you never want

to meet in real life,

a wide range of assorted

oddballs and sexual deviants.


Featured Episode

The Green Monster

Larry suspects his girlfriend is cheating. So he sets up a spycam in her bedroom to catch her in the act. This turns out to be a very bad idea.


Preview of Coming


A tantalizing glimpse into the sexy and stupid world of the comedy web series